Neuer Benefit: Automatisiertes Trading mit Velvet FX

Wir freuen uns Euch einen neuen Benefit von Alumni für Alumni präsentieren zu können: Mit ihren Devisenhandelsalgorithmen bieten Jonathan R. Hirsch (IMX 2015) und seine Partner Privatanlegern eine vollkommen neuartige Investmentalternative an.

We are happy to announce a new benefit from alumni for alumni: With their trading algorithms Jonathan R. Hirsch (IMX 2015) and his partners offer private investors a completely new type investment alternative.

Velvet FX is a financial technology company based in Stuttgart, which offers a completely new type of investment alternative to private investors. Their main software Velvet X automatically trades foreign exchange for the company’s customers.

Velvet offers you an attractive alternative to mainstream robo-advisors: Instead of having to put your own money into the power of a third-party company, Velvet brings the trading algorithm into your hands. You as a client do not only keep full control and transparency over your portfolio, but you also only pay fees on your achieved profits.

Members of the ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V. exclusively receive the first 1000 € profit free of charge, without any commission payment. For subsequent profits there is a big discount of 40% on the regular profit commission.

Find out how to access the benefit (login necessary).

Disclaimer: ESB Alumni e.V. points out the risks associated with investment decisions, including the risk of a total loss. Members act on their own responsibility and should have a sufficient understanding of investment products.

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