Wir sind stolz Euch heute einen weiteren Benefitpartner vorstellen zu dürfen: Flow Lab - der digitale Mentalcoach für die Hosentasche. Trainiere deinen Geist auf den optimalen Leistungszustand ("Flow") mit wissenschaftlich fundierten Meditations- und Selbstcoaching-Übungen.

We are proud to present you today another benefit partner: Flow Lab - the digital mental coach for your pocket. Train your mind to the optimal state of performance ("Flow") with scientifically based meditation and self-coaching exercises.

In a world full of distraction that is becoming more complex and overwhelming by the day many of us struggle to stay focused and perform at our peak without sacrificing our mental health. Flow Lab is the digital mental coach for ambitious minds. With the help of science-based meditation and self-coaching exercises the training app for mental and emotional fitness empowers people to achieve the optimal state of performance (“Flow”).

Members of ESB Reutlingen e.V. will receive a 50% discount on the annual subscription for the Flow Lab training app, which gives you access to the entire exercise library, personalized training plans and progress tracking.

Find out how to access the benefit (login necessary).

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