Alumni Fireside Chat: "Breath and Meditation Workshop"

Our last online seminar this year will get you in the mood for a quiet Christmas season. ESB-Alumnus Harshal Athawale (MBA 2016) will show us in his workshop different breathing and meditation techniques to relax our body and mind.

Unser letztes Online-Seminar in diesem Jahr stimmt Euch auf eine ruhige Weihnachtszeit ein. ESB-Alumnus Harshal Athawale (MBA 2016) zeigt uns in seinem Workshop verschiedenen Atem- und Meditationstechniken, die unseren Körper und Geist entspannen. 

Who? Harshal Athawale is a Tool Management System Expert at Walter AG, a German tool manufacturer for metal cutting. He graduated from ESB Business School in 2016 with a Master of Business Administration. 

Harshal has been assisting seminars and workshops on breath and meditation with the Art of Living Foundation. He has actively conducting seminars and workshop for stress relief on-line and off-line for individuals, students and professionals. Being an experienced trainer, Harshal relates to the audience easily and can effectively introduce them to this technique.

What? We live in a very competitive world. A world wherein to be the best, you need to push yourself every day. Work load can’t be reduced, but it is possible to increase your energy levels to help you sustain throughout the day. How? Using your breath. Breath is one of the most important sources of energy. Also, breath is the link between the body and mind. Every emotion we feel corresponds to a particular pattern in breathing. In this workshop you will learn to use your breath to lead you into meditation which will help you to stay focused and relaxed at the workplace. This helps one to respond to situations and take rational decisions with better clarity and ease.

Harshal will introduce us to meditation in an easy and effective manner. You will learn practical tools to manage your day-to-day schedules, stresses and emotions in a better way.

When? Thursday, December 17th at 8 p.m. 

Where? Online via Zoom

Please register here. Note: The event will be held in English.

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