Relationship Management: "Do good and let`em know!" - but who should know?

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"Do good and speak about it" has evolved as a successful strategy for reputation management - for corporates and individuals. But the question is: Who do you need to connect with in order to reach your goals? Alumna Nathalie Berthier-Ortmann (IPBS 1986) works as an independent executive coach and leadership faciliator since 2003. She has an answer.



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To find the answer, start by strategically building your network within your company. An organisation is a living system. Change and exchange, interactions and connections are all part of its own unique DNA. The right relationships will allow you to get things moving – and to move yourself within the organisation. By strategically working on what Nathalie calls your ”powerbase” of internal relationships, you will become better at managing stakeholders and winning sponsors. You will build a strong “connections web” that will increase your visibility and influence.


How to "powerbase" in 5 steps

  1. Identify your whys and benefits
    Why do you need now to pay attention to your powerbase? If you manage to strengthen key relationships, then it will allow you to…?

  2. Discover the truth
    Create a stakeholder map, including all important people and decision-makers around you. Think broadly, not only within your immediate environment. Consider how close or distant the relationship is. Categorise current relationships (using the chart) and prioritise: who do you need to know and who needs to know you so you can reach your goals? Which relationships do you need to build and which ones to fix?

  3. Draw the future
    Based on your goals (step 1) and priority people (step 2), define individual success scenarios: How would you like the relationship to be in six months? What do you expect from it?  

  4. Do your homework
    This is about making connections: so, do your homework and check: what do you really know about the other person’s agenda, aspirations, and values? What has been missing, are there any past issues or resentments which might need to be resolved before the relationship can get stronger? Can you identify some common ground?

  5. Take action & Walk your talk
    Define three things you can do to change the relationship. Once you have started, the key to successfully building relationships is to follow-up.
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