Recap Fireside Chat with alumnus JP Kuehlwein

On May 28, more than 35 engaged ESB alumni and students joined our webinar about "Brand Elevation - How to make your brand peerless and priceless... And how that helps navigate this crisis!" within our initiative Alumni Spirit Support. Alumnus JP Kuehlwein (IPBS 1992) demonstrated how important a unique brand is - even more in times of social separation.



JP showed how Brand Elevation is a good guide when it comes to deciding what to say and do to continue to be relevant and appeal as a brand during this time of crisis and beyond. Brands like Tesla, Patagonia, or Nescafe - JP calls these Ueber-Brands - have gained the heart of their consumers and are thus valued by them beyond price. The Tesla driver or the guy wearing the Patagonia jacket take pride in showing their product because it represents an esteemed ideal. The lecture was followed by a Q&A session that exceeded the preset time slot and covered not only content-related questions but also brought JP to tell the "Washing Maschine Story" from the good old times at ESB. To sum up, the participants got great insights into the key drivers behind the success of premium brands and had an inspiring lecture with lots of ESB spirit!

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