Alumni Spirit Support: Early Bird Webinar "Managing Stress" with alumnus Thomas Mechtersheimer - FREE for our members!

We gladly announce the next round of our Alumni Spirit Support initiative: This time our alumnus Thomas Mechtersheimer (AW 1992) will be our guest, talking about "Managing stress - About self regulation and resilience in times of crisis" - exclusively for ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V.


What? During the past weeks, everybody has been wishing each other "stay healthy" - but this is actually meaningful beyond the COVID-19 infection. Why? Our mental health will equally be affected. Breathing techniques, yoga or other means of calming down may feel futile if our "inner reptile" is hijacked and we are in constant f(l)ight mode. Expert help is therefore needed to get on top of things again. Thomas will demonstrate help that will bring back perspective, make you feel confident and find a way to move forward. He will show you ways to build your physical, emotional and mental resilience in a sustainable way.


Who? Thomas Mechtersheimer (AW 1992), Founder & Executive Chairman of neuroCare Group, is an electrical engineer as well as graduated in economics at Reutlingen University. He is a health industry leader with 30+ years of business experience and has never stopped with further education. Thomas started in Research (Fraunhofer Institute in Germany) and held early roles in Start-ups. He then worked for the Fresenius Group for 18 years, where he helped building the Asian business from scratch driving vertically integrated renal services. As an entrepreneur, Thomas set up his Passion Innovation firm which among other projects founded the neuroCare Group. neuroCare is transforming mental health and performance onto a new paradigm by integrating neuromodulation technologies with a process driven wholistic approach: the real underlying causes are being adressed long term and neuroCare delivers much improved clinical efficacy without the side effects of medication.


When? June, 16th at 7.30 a.m. (MESZ) Yes, that's why it's an Early Bird Webinar. Will you be up with us? Thomas will also tell you why he favors this time.


Please register here. Note: The event will be held in English.

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