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Unsere Local ESB Alumni Community Zürich wirft einen Blick zurück aufs Jahr 2019, verrät ihr Erfolgsrezept und sucht nach Verstärkung.

Mit Link zum aktuellen Community-Monatsalbum.

Our Local ESB Alumni Community Zurich wraps up a successful 2019, lets us know their secret of success and is looking for a new Community Captain.

Including a link to the current Community photo album. 




From Caroline & Thibaut, Captains of the Local ESB Alumni Community Zurich


Is there a secret formula to organising successful Alumni meetings?

Back in 2016 when we started organising Zurich ESB and NEOMA Alumni meetings, we organised around three to four meetings a year, gathering around 10 alumni at a time or sometimes just the two organisers in an impromptu tête-à-tête.
We were happy to meet with new alumni who had just arrived in Zurich or who had been around for several years but we thought that there had to be more alumni around and that there had to be a way to reach them.

That’s why we decided to change our formula in 2019. How?

We created a Facebook and a LinkedIn group to reach out to as many alumni as possible. Once we had all the alumni digitally on board in our 120+ members group, we set ourselves a goal of at least one alumni meeting per month to create more traction.

Did it work? YES!

By committing to a rhythm of one event per month we were able to create the needed traction and now happily welcome 15+ alumni to every meeting.
We would like to thank all the alumni for a great Stammtisch year in 2019 with over 180 attending 13 events.
From Alumni Learning events, like visiting the Rega or listening to the Swatch Story by Prof. Konstantin Theile or visiting the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Zurich, to leisure trips like sledging at the top of the famous mount Rigi or get-togethers in Zurich or at the river Limmat, we are proud of this great Alumni community in Zurich with extraordinary people from all over the world and would love to continue at this pace in 2020!
We will be pleased to see you again in 2020 starting with our sports activity "ESB/NEOMA Alumni Zurich goes Bowling" and we are looking forward to welcoming you there on February 5th.

New Community Captain wanted!

As the Stammtisch is growing and we would like to offer you an exciting and diverse programme we are looking for a third person, ideally with an ESB or NEOMA background, who would support us with the organisation. What is in it for you? A great networking opportunity keeping the spirit alive in Zurich and getting to know interesting people and places. Please get in touch with us:

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