Neuer Benefit: Discount bei talentista!

Prof. Dr. Johanna Bath war jahrelang Führungskraft in der Automobilindustrie und lehrt seit Sommer 2018 an der ESB. Mit ihrem Start up "talentista" bietet sie Karriere- und Finanzberatung für weibliche Young Professionals an. ESB-Alumnae erhalten dafür ab sofort einen exklusiven Rabatt.

Prof Dr Johanna Bath has been teaching at ESB since summer 18 after a successful management career in the automotive industry. With her start-up "talentista", she's offering career and finance mentoring for female young professionals. ESB alumnae receive an exclusive discount.




talentista is a start-up that offers innovative Mentoring Programs for professional women. We combine our know-how from diversity and gender research and a decade of leadership experience in the corporate world with state-of-the-art blended learning techniques in order to design a premium mentoring experience. You studied successfully and entered your first job but you sometimes wonder if it is the right fit for you? You do not get much or consistent feedback from your manager? You feel like you do not have clear goals as to where to take your career?  If you are currently in the first years of your job and one or several of those statements match your situation, our program “Design your Career” is the right fit for you.

In seven weeks, talentista and "Design your Career" will help you with all of your challenges, analyse your situation and build a plan and strategy for your career. You will have a clear sense of where you stand, what your next steps should be and you will have built a great network of inspiring professional women who will build your community for the next year and beyond. Our next program starts on 10 Feb 2020 and will consist of six weeks of interactive online seminars (remote participation) as well as one live workshop (at the beginning of April) which is a full day plus evening event. This will take place in different major cities in Germany.

ESB Alumni receive an exclusive discount of 24% by using our voucher code exclusively with their lifetime e-mail address.
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