Neuer Benefit: Rabatt bei YFood

Viel zu tun, wenig Zeit für gesunde Ernährung? Unser neuster Benefit-Partner hat die Lösung für genau dieses Problem. YFood bietet ausgewogene Trinkmahlzeiten an - und ab sofort auch Rabatt für ESB-Alumni.


A busy lifestyle and not enough time for a healthy diet? Our new benefit partner solves your problem. YFood offers well-balanced Ready-To-Drink meals - and a discount code for ESB alumni.




Do you work long hours and does your tight schedule prevent you from eating balanced and consciously? Are you tired of stuffing in the same unhealthy junk-food every day?

The young Munich based start-up YFood provides a wholesome and balanced Ready-To-Drink meal, which contains everything the body needs and satisfies hunger for up to 5 hours. YFood is the tasty alternative to unhealthy junk food. YFood offers a solution for everyone who wants to eat consciously even in stressful situations.
Get your delicious drink meal now and receive 20% on your YFood order as an ESB alumnus or alumna.
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