Neuer Benefit: Rabatt bei Denkzeuge®-Life

Wir freuen uns über einen weiteren Benefit von Alumni für Alumni: Oliver Fritsch (IPBS 1989 D-GB) hat mit Denkzeuge®-Life ein Online-Toolset zur persönlichen und beruflichen Weiterentwicklung geschaffen. Unsere Mitglieder nutzen die Plattform ab sofort zwei Monate gratis.


We're happy to announce the next benefit by alumni for alumni. Oliver Fritsch (IPBS 1989 D-GB) has created Denkzeuge®-Life, an online toolset for personal and professional development. Our members gain free access to the platform for a period of two months.






Containing 30 interactive personal strategy tools, Denkzeuge®-Life will help you analyze your inner motives (or “drivers”) and your current situation in 12 major life areas. It is the first and fastest digital life analysis toolset of its kind, helping our users to increase overall life satisfaction and optimize their lives in areas such as work-life balance, income, and personal success. Created by ESB alumnus member Oliver Fritsch (IPBS 89 D-GB) and Focus TopCoach Michaela Lang, alongside a Berlin-based team of game designers, usability experts and behavioral science professionals, this unique personal self-development platform will give you a new set of levers to help you measurably improve your career and relationships and take immediate charge in the areas of life most dear to your heart. 

With our ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V. special offer code, you will receive full access and free usage of the platform for 2 months, which can be cancelled at any time. Find out how to gain access to Denkzeuge®-Life (login necessary).

Denkzeuge®-Life currently is available in German, an English version will be following soon. Why hesitate any longer to reach your full potential? 

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