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Do you plan your next business journey? Members of our alumni association receive special corporate room rates when booking via internal link to HRS (rates vary per season and are based on availability).

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Are you interested in exclusive, investigative business stories, well-founded analyses, critical comments on developments in the finance markets, economy and politics? This benefit is for you!
In close cooperation with the publishing house Gruner + Jahr GmbH & Co KG we offer a free subscription for the print version of Capital.

As our member, you get it for free and sent to your registered home or work address in your profile wherever you are in the world.

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Every Friday, Frankfurter Allgemeine Woche offers an overview of the major topics in politics, society, economy, features and science. Full Members of ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V. can sign up for a free subscription of F.A.Z. Woche digital (German edition) for 12 months.

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Equip yourself with your functional and personalised companion. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or simply looking to break out of your comfort zone, Buckle & Seam offers premium quality leather goods with a purpose that keep you pushing towards your definition of success. Every bag supports Buckle & Seam's goal to send 10.000 children to school in Pakistan. Founded in 2016 by ESB alumnus Georg Wolff (IB 2015) in Berlin, the brand has been awarded the Forbes 30 under 30 award for their social impact initiatives in 2019.


Buckle & Seam offers 30% off for all student members of ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V. and 20% off for graduated members.

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20190812 Pia Baur Benefit Portrait

Just like great sportspersons have their coaches in technique and mindset, if you want to develop your mind and your potential, gain consciousness about your triggers and increase self-acceptance and -awareness to a level where you can manage yourself, your health and other people best – get yourself support from a life- and business coach. Pia Baur (IMX 2011) is a systemic life-/business coach, mindfulness business trainer and meditation- and yoga teacher. She also trains teams and leaders with her own method MINDSENSE and is a speaker, co-author and mindfulness expert for FitforFun magazine.


Pia Baur offers a massive 23% discount* on each coaching session on top a free first discovery coaching session (50min) (*when booking a minimum of four paid sessions). Coachings can be done in person in Munich or via online video coaching.

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Containing 30 interactive personal strategy tools, Denkzeuge®-Life will help you analyze your inner motives (or “drivers”) and your current situation in 12 major life areas. It is the first and fastest digital life analysis toolset of its kind, helping our users to increase overall life satisfaction and optimize their lives in areas such as work-life balance, income, and personal success. Created by ESB alumnus member Oliver Fritsch (IPBS 89 D-GB) and Focus TopCoach Michaela Lang, alongside a Berlin-based team of game designers, usability experts and behavioral science professionals, this unique personal self-development platform will give you a new set of levers to help you measurably improve your career and relationships and take immediate charge in the areas of life most dear to your heart. 


With our ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V. special offer code, you will receive full access and free usage of our platform for 2 months, which can be cancelled at any time.

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Do you work long hours and does your tight schedule prevent you from eating balanced and consciously? Are you tired of stuffing in the same unhealthy junk-food every day?
We have great news: YFood, a well-balanced Ready-To-Drink meal, contains everything your body needs and satisfies your hunger for up to 5 hours while giving you constant energy for a successful day. YFood is the tasty alternative to unhealthy junk-food and offers a solution for everyone who wants to eat consciously even in stressful situations.


With our ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V. voucher code, you will receive a 20 % discount on your YFood order.

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20191016 Logo Talentista

talentista is a start-up that offers innovative Mentoring Programs for professional women. We combine our know-how from diversity and gender research and a decade of leadership experience in the corporate world with state-of-the-art blended learning techniques in order to design a premium mentoring experience. You studied successfully and entered your first job but you sometimes wonder if it is the right fit for you? You do not get much or consistent feedback from your manager? You feel like you do not have clear goals as to where to take your career?  If you are currently in the first years of your job and one or several of those statements match your situation, our program “Design your Career” is the right fit for you.

ESB Alumni receive an exclusive discount of 24% by using our voucher code with their lifetime e-mail address.

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While silver, gold and platinum will shine, the full effect of precious metals comes alive when set with sparkling gems. Coloured gemstones are our
speciality at Juwelo, where you will find a diverse selection of authentic high-quality gemstone jewellery set with the most stunning stones from all
over the world, all at very affordable prices.

With our ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V. voucher code, you will receive a 20 € discount on your first order with a value of €49 or more at the Juwelo online store.

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