Alumni Events


Our regular reunions in almost 50 cities and metropolitan regions across the globe are one of the backbones of our alumni activities. Typical events include restaurant and bar visits, joint sports activities (such as hiking, skiing, or joint marathon runs) or annual festivity visits (such as the Oktoberfest) and new ideas as well as additional support is always welcome by our local reunion organizers.

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Alumni Learning

In addition to our regular reunions, our Alumni Learning events aim to give new impulses to alumni on functional/industry knowledge, career/personal development or soft-skill related topics. Hosted in an office of one of our alumni members in a metropolitan city, we invite speakers such as professors at ESB Business School, experienced alumni or external coaches to speak in an informal round, followed by a social gathering.

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Alumni Coaching, Graduate Studies and Alternative Careers Forum

During the academic year, we host three different top-notch events at ESB Business School in order to provide still current students with counseling and enable the networking between students and alumni at an early stage.

In our Alumni Coaching workshops, hosted at the beginning of every academic year, our alumni provide training on industry, functional as well as career development oriented topics to 100+ students at ESB Business School

Our Graduate Studies Forum bring together students and alumni to discuss and exchange experiences on postgraduate Masters or PhD programs.

Finally, our Alternative Careers Forum is an event format to explore non-conventional career options – such as working in NGOs, social startups or public institutions.

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Alumni Weekend

Our annual Alumni Weekend most certainly is one of the highlights of the alumni life. Hosted as a homecoming at the ESB Business School campus (with special programs for anniversary graduates) or in a German metropolitan area rotating every year, our Alumni Weekends bring together several alumni to meet, exchange and party. Our Alumni weekends kick off with lectures from former professors, followed by cultural trips or company visits. The evening starts with our annual general meeting, followed by a keynote speech of our honorary guest and finally results in partying downtown as in student times.

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