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As the purpose of our association is to strengthen the bond with other Alumni, students and the ESB, please note that they need access to your data in correspondence with the respective purpose of Alumni events – i.e. to invite you to a reunion or find a mentor/mentee for you. Therefore, we ask you to consent as follows:

With this application form I agree to the electronic storage and the usage of my data by the association ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V. , its other members as well as by staff and students of ESB Reutlingen (according to German law, i.e.§ 4 BDSG) for the purposes of the association ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V.
The members of the above-mentioned association, staff and students of the university will have access to this data through our website. If you have any questions regarding the protection and usage of your data, please write an e-mail to at any time.

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