Sam Quets

IB 2022

From the very first day I joined the ESB, I was enamored with the supporting and encouraging atmosphere on campus. I consider the ESB as a family and as a good family member I want to take responsibility, take care and be there for my fellow students in any way possible. As a student member of the ESB Alumni (IB 2022), I wanted to get a head start on life after the ESB by loading between the student world and the professional world. Since I am not a “traditional “ student - having already earned a first bachelor degree over 20 years ago and having worked as a police officer in Belgium for 18 years after that - I feel I am uniquely positioned to contribute to the Alumni network even while being a student and to absorb as much knowledge as possible from its lovely members. I am working with the Board and my fellow students on the Alumni4Students program as I know firsthand the importance of mentors, role models and networking.


Board Member

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