Our Elected Board


Philipp Greiner

IB 2014

Establishing close ties to fellow students during your studies at ESB Business School does not only help in building life-long friendships, but also in building up a business network that you can benefit from in the future.

It is my aim to support the alumni in sustaining existing networks, reconnecting with fellow students, as well as connecting with other alumni all around the world.




Franziska Ibele

IB 2015

ESB has connected me to many people who have turned into friends for life. Through my engagement in the alumni association I would like to give back something to that and contribute to creating a place where like-minded people can meet after their studies to share common interests, great memories, and most importantly continue to live the ESB SPIRIT!

After finishing the IB program in 2015 I dedicated myself to connecting current ESB students with alumnis through the mentoring program as well as joined the communications team to work on the relaunch of our new webpage


Vice President


Nico Firus

IB 2017

When I think back to ESB, a multitude of memories come to my mind. Fortunately, I don't have to keep them to myself, but can share them with many of my former fellow students who remained friends. I believe that our alumni association is the perfect place to maintain and expand these valuable connections. We have all gone into different directions and achieved many great things. My aim is to bring these experiences back into the ESB circle and let others benefit from them as well.

At ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V., I am now helping to make our offering as attractive and beneficial as possible for our members, to ensure a strong connection to the alumni resort and current initiatives on campus and to further connect alumni across generations.


Vice President


Daniel Nothelfer

IPBS D/F 2001

Alumni can make a difference: As coach for current students and young alumni, as advisor to ESB Business School, as thought partner for alumni peers.

Since 2001, I have the pleasure to work with many fellow alumni volunteers to build and drive our ESB alumni network.

I live with my family in Bad Homburg, Germany and spend my professional time mostly in Europe and in the US.



Vice President


Matthias Hartmann

PM 2010

A network without performance does not work, but performance without a network does not work either. Those who have experienced support once should be ready to support as well. Alumni can benefit from these connections. We as the ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V. have a large portfolio of contacts which can be helpful for starting a career or for further development.

I live with my family still in Reutlingen and in addition to my job as a cost engineer at Bosch, I inspire and accompany colleagues on their way into a meaningful creative power to shape the good (working) life.


Vice President

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