Katrin Reil

I've always had a profound interest in all things (social) media, which is why I earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in „Media and Communication“ at Augsburg University, specializing in E-Learning and knowledge management. Following positions as a PR officer and marketing manager, I joined ESB Business School in 2016 and have been responsible for the ESB website as well as the faculty’s social media channels ever since.

Working as a Community Manager for ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V. makes things come full circle. Not only do I get to connect with our alumni and keep them updated on what’s happening in the ESB community, but I’m also able to transfer interesting news, stories, experiences, careers and career opportunities from faculty to alumni network and vice versa. „Social Media“ is the language we all speak in a globalized world. I’m looking forward to having the most interesting conversations with you.


Community Manager

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