ESB Business School

The ESB Business School is one of the leading public schools of International Business Management and International Operations Management and represents the economic faculty of Reutlingen University.
It provides outstanding international and practice-oriented education within 20 different bachelor, master and MBA programs. Moreover, it cooperates with over 110 internationally acknowledged partner universities from more than 30 countries. It attracts young people from all over the world: 30% of 2,700 students are not from Germany. Accreditations and continuous top ranking positions attest to the quality of the work the ESB Business School does.




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V.I.M.A e.V. (Friends‘ Association of ESB Business School)

Approx. 50 renowned national and international companies are engaged in the Association for the Promotion of International Management Training (V.I.M.A e.V.). The association supports ESB Business School in many fields: it enables and intensifies contacts between theory and practice for students and teachers. Many students make their first steps towards a career in the companies that are members of the V.I.M.A e.V. Furthermore, it promotes the expansion of bachelor and master degree programs with high practical relevance. It supports knowledge transfer from university to industry, for example by the involvement of company representatives in teaching or the completion of company projects and case studies by students.


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Student Network

The ESB Student Network unites the different study representative groups (StuCo, StuVe, StuBue etc.) and is responsible for all extra-curricular activities on campus as well as represents the interests of its students at the board of professors.

Anyone studying at ESB Business School doesn’t only study here to receive an excellent degree that is internationally recognized. Students choose to study at ESB Business School because it has a very special spirit. This is reflected by the incredible commitment of students in many different areas. Alongside many individual projects that arise during the semester, virtually all of the students are involved in projects that they themselves set up and manage.
From the fundraising cycling tour across Europe that has taken place for 15 years now to the annual attendance at the worldwide largest UNO conference in New York – for ESB students no distance is too far, no mountain too high, no event too small to get involved.


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Alumni Ressort

The Alumni ressort of the Student Network acts as a link between alumni and the current students at the university and organizes alumni events such as the Alumni Coaching or Graduate Studies Forum on campus.

Alumni as of day one - this is not part of our overall claim, but nevertheless one of the most fundamental principles to a very special part of our community: The active students at ESB Business School, and thus the future graduates and ambassadors of our network. The students are very special to us and we dedicate much of our time and focus to support them in their journey at ESB. We consider our community to start with the first day a student sets his foot on the campus of Reutlingen - the students can become a part of our community while still studying.




alumni-clubs.net e.V.

The ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V. is a member of the alumni-clubs.net e.V., which is a non-for-profit association for alumni organisations in German-speaking countries and represents over 230 universities or educational associations. 



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